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About Us

La Vivente, a simple yet elegant brand specially designed and manufactured to make you beautiful. We ensure to deliver a high quality, trendy and unique product at an affordable price. La Vivente supports many women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to enhance their livelihood.  All our products are manufactured by these small scale women entrepreneurs who are capable of meeting local and international standards. Therefore, every purchase you make will contribute to up bring the lives of their children and families.

Our History

Dilchand (Pvt) Ltd was established in the year 2009. We started at a very small scale and have now expanded into a large clothing supplier to many leading outlets across Sri Lanka. We are presently a leading wholesale supplier of clothing to top retail outlets in the market for a decade dedicated to introducing new and trendy clothing designs to make women look more beautiful. La Vivente is one of our newly launched brand which will focus more on trendy ladies wear inline with international fashion trends.
“La- VIVENTE” is a french name that we figue out that will have a good publicity.

Our Product

La Vivente offers trendy and comfortable women fashionable wear at very affordable prices which are in line with the latest international design trends. We also have blended the local market customer dynamics to our product to suit the local culture. The quality of our products fit with the international standards always and followed an intensive quality process before it gets into your hand. Our experienced team is constantly looking at new techniques to improve the quality, durability and appearance of our products through R&D. Further, we look at the technical aspects of all fabric and follow the standard testing for colour bleeding, iron/washing shrinkages, colour shading and fading etc.

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